Efficiency, Go UPS

An observation today on the state of the economy and wise decisions. Our neighborhood, like most, has a lot of traffic. Some of that traffic is the postman, the UPS, Fedex, and other deliveries. Much of that traffic has gone down recently. High gas prices, failing economy? The real interesting thing is that the postman still drives into the neighborhood every day to deliver less mail (Is that what it takes to reduce junk mail, a bad economy?). They tend to drive a lot more than necessary driving to each block segment to deliver both sides of the street. Some in the past drove to each house but that seems to have died down. Back in the old days, postmen used to be dropped off and they carried the mail house to house and picked up more as needed in a lockbox on the street that a delivery truck dropped off after delivering the postmen. Quite efficient. I don’t know why each postman now has a vehicle. Is that the main reason for the rise in postage?Anyway, I noticed that the UPS truck doesn’t come by any more and I rarely see the Fedex truck. That is probably a sign of the reduction in the economy, but what is really interesting is that the UPS man does still come by, just not in his truck. He pushes a handtruck down the street with all sorts of packages on it. I don’t even see his truck anywhere nearby? I don’t know what the Fedex guy is doing since I don’t see it come by as often but haven’t seen him walking either? Looks like UPS is smarter than the postal service, as usual. In lean times, reduce costs, do things more efficiently. Take notice USPS! I don’t know if this is UPS wide or just a smarter driver but I like the idea.

Efficiency! UPS is great! I received a package this morning. I happened to check my email 30 minutes later and noticed I had received an email from UPS stating my package was delivered to my front door. The email was 28 minutes old. Basically the package delivery information and notification was instantaneous and detailed. Are you listening postal service? We live in a realtime world, join us. I am disappointed a little though. The package left Sunnyvale (about 10 miles from our home) Friday evening. It wentup to South San Francisco and spent the weekend there (vacation?). It was delivered at 1pm. That’s basically a one day delivery if you don’t count the time sitting around all weekend. I did get an email Friday evening that it would be delivered Monday, again effeciency. Now, can they work on not wasting gas (oil) on carrying a package the unnecessary extra 60 miles. Not as bad as Fedex that would probably have flown it to Kansas or somewhere to go across the street.

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