News Services Should Investigate and Analyze

If you’ve read anything on this website you probably realize I don’t think much of the press, as it exists. The primary reasons are these:

  1. Most have no resemblance to a journalist media.
  2. Some go far beyond not providing competent news and provide disinformation instead, such as Fox news.
  3. Most do not do any investigation. They just parrot what news releases have been provided or what some politician says without proofing it.

During the time approaching an election, a competent news service would listen to a politician speak. then if they don’t understand fully where the politician stands an the issues, ask questions. If the politician ducks answering the question, ask it again. Insist on an answer. If no answer is provided, make that a part of any article written.
When preparing the news report, investigate what was said and report on any discrepancies, exaggerations or lies.
Our lives as citizens are hard enough trying to make important decisions without only being supplied with inaccurate incomplete information about the issues and candidates from both candidates and the news services.
Part of the problem is there are fewer services, only one wire service now and the networks have cut their staff to almost nothing.
It seems like all the important news is now coming form the blogs, not traditional media. That’s good and bad. There is a lot of trash on the Internet. Some readers may think this blog adds to it. That’s the bad. The good is that at least, good information is available. It usually doesn’t take too much reading to realize what is probably accurate and what is trash.
What’s bad about this is that it would be much easier for everyone if we had real journalism with the appropriate standards of journalism like we’ve enjoyed in the past.
Something needs to be done to correct this.

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