Who Should Be The Next President

What an interesting campaign. The Democrats have possibly the best list of potential presidents ever. Any one of the major Democratic candidates would make a great president. While my favorite is Edwards, he has little chance of winning. Of the two leading candidates, Clinton and Obama, either could easily win but Clinton has the stronger experience and she also has the most capable adviser, her husband. In addition both Clinton and Obama represent minorities. or at least political minorities. Obama is black. Hillary is a woman.

I believe the larger minority, which is actually a super majority is the best way to go. Women make up more than 50% of the voters and even 18% of Republican women say they would vote for her. That bodes well for her candidacy but, unfortunately, some men, even democrats wouldn’t vote for her. Unfortunately, I don’t think Obama is as well served by his minority status as he is by his capabilities and charisma. There are sill far too many people in this country that are racist and that bias will override their political motivations. That’s too bad!

For these reasons I support Hillary as my preferred candidate. She can win and, in my opinion, a woman is probably what it will take to restore this country to what it was, before this most recent disastrous president, and also move the country forward to what it can and should be.

And now a quick analysis of the republican candidates. Are you kidding. What candidates? Bigots, criminals, and liars.

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