Eliminate The Parties

Our two party system needs to be changed. The parties are not official but sure do foul up the governmental process. The Congress and the Senate both are pretty much in a stalemate even though there is a Democratic majority. Nothing gets done because of Republican obstructonism that seems to be part of their platform. The same thing did not happen when the reverse was true and the Democrats were the slim minority. That actually shows where the interests of the Republican party lie, not with the best interests of the country nor in democracy.

There are four reasons that the stale mate exists. The Democrats are not willing to push the Republicans when the President vetos a bill by re-submitting the same bill back to the President without change and place the entire blame for a stoppage of governmental inaction on the President. It would only need to occur once and the President wouldn’t be so cavalier with his veto, acting like a two year old when he doesn’t get his way.

Along that line, in order to restore democracy, where the majority makes policy, eliminate the need for a super majority and allow a simple majority of the houses to decide all matters.

Require these highly paid politicians to attend sessions and listen to and participate in the debate or forfeit the right to vote.

And finally, and possibly even more importantly, eliminate the division of the seating into party hemispheres. Mix them all up so they have to sit together and they may even start talking to each other.

Any one of these ideas could cause a significant change in how much gets accomplished by our government. Of course, anything is greater than nothing!

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