Legislative Power

Our constitution provides for separation of power, Legislative, Administrative, and Judicial. Currently, only one seems to be effective, usurping the power of the other two. It’s about time congress started to do its job and legislate.

First, I think they should start impeachment proceedings. I believe there are enough disheartened Republicans to bring about a successful conclusion but, even if unsuccessful, it would wash the laundry and expose the administration for what it is.

That not being likely, how about a few other ideas. Take action and withdraw funding for the war in Iraq. The Democratic congress, if they approve funding for the “war”, will then have to then accept blame along with the president and former Republican congress. If they specify what the money is to be spent for, and not spent for, if Mr Bush continues his folly, then there is all the more reason for impeachment and then, and only then, can those legislators really say they did their job rather than the current words only and no action.

Congress needs to clarify to the president, through legislation, that they never gave him permission to go to Iraq and he better get out ASAP. Now that a woman is the house leader, possibly she will show that she has balls. The former congress sure didn’t have any.

One piece of legislation that would bring an immediate end to our occupation in Iraq would be to require the president to reside in Iraq as long as we have troops there. Bush never served before and though possibly an over assumption, may be smart enough to realize he would not make it through the week there alive, somewhat like all the military people he sent there feel.

While Mr Bush would likely ignore such legislation, if he did, an active congress would be able to impeach him before the sun went down.

I do not believe that impeachment of this president would be disruptive to this country, rather it could restore confidence in this country.

A final unrelated thought. Mr Bush, after his presidency has expired, if he actually leaves office, will find it very difficult to ever leave this country because he will very likely be arrested and brought to trial for war crimes by any of the more civilized countries of this world.

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