What’s Wrong With The Movies?

I used to like to go to the movies years ago. I must have liked it, I became a projectionist and worked in theaters in my youth. I like the big screen. I like the way they made the movies. My thrill is disappearing. I don’t like most of the new movies, and much of that dislike is for technical reasons.

First, and possibly the worst is movie sound. It has not improved with technology, it has become nonfunctional. The primary failure is volume. It varies far too much. Explosions are quite loud, voices are generally unintelligible because they are too soft or uneven. Current sound engineers don’t seem to have learned their craft.

Special effects. Far too overused. Far too many movies are made only to use them.

The plot. Has there been a new one developed in the past thirty years? Far too many remakes and sequeles.

How can you make a movie without having a script before you start. there is a lot of talk of collaboration in the movie making responding to actor input during filming. That isn’t a benefit it’s a failure. When a movie starts shooting, everything should have been worked out in advance, if not then why start?

Awards. I look at awards as recommendations against viewing a film. How can a film be nominated for an award before it’s released to the public. It’s all just marketing.

Current “actors” don’t seem to know their craft. If they did, there would be fewer out-takes.

I believe in a working Hollywood. Movie factories that produced lots of product were better that the current limited production of “block busters.”

I also hate the sticky floor.

What I like. The big screen. Simple sound, no more than stereo is needed. Being able to hear what people say. Not to much camera movement. A plot. Good character development. A focused picture. Synchronized curtain movement on film beginning and end.

So, I guess I’m banished to foreign and small independent films.

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