Inconsiderate people.

Why are there so many?
First, please pardon the use of stereotypes.
I’ve noticed that inconsiderate people seem to be generally inconsiderate, they don’t seem to have single failures. Here are a few of the traits I think are inconsiderate:

  • Walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk. Just like when driving (at least here in the US), people should stay to the right side.
  • Crowding into lanes or lines.
  • Talking loudly on the cell phone.
  • Driving across the lane line in a curve on the road. Almost guaranteed to be done by SUV and pickup drivers. I can make it through in my RV so there’s no technical reason they shouldn’t. I’m listing this as being inconsiderate because they do it as a general driving technique, while usually returning to their side when cars are actually present. It’s inconsiderate because it often requires evasive actions by the oncoming cars seemingly unnoticed by the errant drivers.
  • Owners of unleashed dogs. These people tend to own larger dogs, especially pit bull dogs. They cause people to take alternate paths, scare away wildlife, and leave poop everywhere. An owner that lets their dog run off leash rarely picks up after their dog.
  • Bicyclists that ride against the flow of traffic and run stop signs. Are they stupid or inconsiderate, or both?
  • Litter bugs.
  • People who can’t control their children.
  • People who drive vehicles with head lights more than 24″ above the roadway. Same for drivers using supplemental lighting like mis-aimed driving or fog lights.
  • Telephone solicitors. They should be an exception to the laws against murder. Same for email spammers.
  • People who have those obnoxious car stereos that anybody with hearing finds objectionable. The occupants of the cars with the stereos either are deaf or will be. That must be why they use these vibrators.

This is a quick list, more to follow.

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