Why Me?

I’ve been stopped by police five times.

  1. Once for speeding.
  2. Once for standing in the street.
  3. Another time for speeding.
  4. Once for entering my car suspiciously.
  5. Once for looking suspicious.
  6. And three times for having a light out. (A headlight out, no tail lights, and a brake light out.)

The most recent was the brake light out last Friday. This might be an OK record, but most of them are ridiculous stops. All those light outages were within minutes of the outage.

The tail lights went out as I crossed a railroad track with an officer behind me. This took only ten feet for the red lights to come on.

In the case of the headlight, I left a Restaurant in Sacramento headed East on Hwy 80. I was stopped within a 1/4 mile from leaving the restaurant. I saw the working headlight in the windows as I left. Now, that driver side headlight did burn out often, but really, a 1/4 mile of outage and a stop?

Item 1 for speeding was justified, I was speeding, 30 mph in a 25 mph zone. I was on a Honda CT90. The officer kindly gave me a warning.

My friends and I were stopped for standing in the street, an actual offense, when we stopped to chat with a friend and were talking to them on the drivers side of the car, in the street. Another justified, but really? (Result, a $12 ticket for each of us)

Item 3, speeding was for going 27 mph in a 25 mph zone on an Air Force base. How accurate can they be? (Result, weekend duty)

Item 4, entering my car suspiciously was when I was going to work, in my Air Force uniform in Mountain View, Ca. (Result, just the stop)

Item 5, looking suspicious was in Guadalupe, Ca. We were in our hippy looking VW van. (Result, just the stop)

In addition to these, My criminal career includes a parking ticket when I was parked in compliance with the signs. I fought in court, got my $5 fine back and cleared my name. It only took about 10 hours of my time. It also caused a problem with the bank. The bank managed to cash the check without crediting my account for the $5. That took nearly a year to straighten out because banks never make mistakes, even though I had the cashed checks and the account statement didn’t show the deposit. I’m not sure it was all worth it?

My most heinous crime was making out in a park at night on my old high school campus in Bakersfield. We were stopped and separated by four officers in three cars as we were leaving. They separated us, called a matron to talk to Lou and before they were through with us, there were thirteen officers involved. Other than taking 30 minutes of our time and theirs, nothing came of it. Evidently, the school had had some break-ins and the janitor called the police. Not much happens in Bakersfield.

Total cost of this crime wave was $12 in fines. However, it also makes me a little paranoid. Why me?

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