Broken News

A few years ago, a local independent TV station (KTVU), which had the best news in the San Francisco bay area at that time, became a FOX affiliate, part of the (un)fair and (un)balanced network. I couldn’t trust their news any longer, even though up until then , they were fair and balanced, because they were now affiliated with the conservative propaganda network. For a while the contrast between their local news and the Fox news was about 180 degrees. Of course, they had to start using Fox content in their own news cast and Fox doesn’t produce news, only Republican propaganda. This is sad.

Three or four years ago, the local NBC affiliate (KRON) lost the affiliation because NBC wanted to own their station here. NBC bought the local San Jose ABC affiliate and converted it to NBC. KRON has tried to produce local programs to replace the network loss. They did a pretty good job, having the best newscasts in the area. There really isn’t anything on the networks, ABC, NBC, CBS, and Especially Fox, that’s worth watching, with the possible exception of CSI, so local production was refreshing.

With the big combination of the UPN and WB networks into the CW network, and with Fox trying to fill the leftovers with the new MyTv network, KRON has become the local MyTv affiliate. Bye, Bye, KRON.

What’s left. I’ve appreciated CBS as the only real “news” on the network TV. They have journalists who do seem to present impartial news. I am very worried that Katie Curic has become the news anchor there. Seems too much like it might become entertainment news rather than journalistic news. We’ll see. I do miss Dan Rather.

I really worry that the people of this country no longer recognize what news is. Anyone who watches Fox News and considers it news is lost. Fair and impartial is easy to recognize, provided you don’t just reset your analysis when the newscaster says “we’re fair and impartial.” Listen at what they say and what support they have for what they say to make that evaluation. Any true look reveals it for what it is, slanted, one sided propaganda.

True Americans, people who deserve the rights provided by this country, aren’t fooled by these fools.

Combine ownership of the “news” machines with ownership of the voting machines and I fear we are in for a very bad future not much different from the former USSR or current China.

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