More about Election Fraud

I read other Blogs and one of my favorite is one done by Maria Langer. I stimbled across it and find the articles very interesting. She is a professional writer, mostly computer how to books for Apple computer software. I’m not too interested in that content since I’m a PC user. I find the web publishing information interesting, the fact she is a professional helicopter pilot interesting, and mostly I find myself in agreement with many of her politic views.
She recently posted a link to an article in Rolling Stone written by Robert F Kennedy Jr about the fraud in the presidential election of 2004, “Was the 2004 Election Stolen?”. It is a very well written article with good associated documentation. I find it amazing that this isn’t reported in the news, but, as Kennedy points out, the press actually contributed to the fraud.
It’s nice to have a blog where they do a good collection of topics of interest.

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