Don’t Believe It!

Wow! More tapes from Osama Bin Ladin. How convenient, again, and again. These messages seem to always be related for a need by the Bush folks to divert opinion away from some damaging report about Bush or steer opinion to the illogical desires of the Bush folks. Does anybody still believe anything the Bush folks say. If so why?
They’re criminals who, if allowed to continue, will eliminate the constitution and we’ll be left with King George. Hasn’t our country been rather successful when most of the rest of the administrations were at least more honest and restrained in their interpretation of the constitution?
I just don’t believe any of this stuff, and everything that Bush says.
I do have to wonder if Osama Bin Laden even exists, if he does, whether he had anything more to do with 9/11 than Bush did. Too many things that were done or not done by other administrations that were factors in 9/11 occurring when not done or done by Bush’s administration. i don’t believe that much in coincidence.
Come on folks, dump the bum! He sets a bad example for your kids.

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