Chick-fil-A Stupidity

Here they go again. Speaking without thinking. Here are a couple of reality checks.

There are a lot more rules about marriage in the bible and much like the “one man and one woman ” selective reading, they are just as insane. What the bible really says about marriage. Marriage may be between one man and one or more women. The man is allowed concubines. Marriage may only be to a virgin. May only be between believers. No divorce. And of course these rules are all conflicted with in the text as well.
Our constitution does NOT protect a stupid mans statements, only his right to make them. If people, like me, are offended, the constitution DOES protect our right to object to the foolish statements by withholding our use of their restaurant and objecting to their opening new locations.

An interesting side effect of the Religious Right’s objecting to the cities objections and attempts to prevent Chick-fil-A restaurants opening in “enlightened” cities may well lead to more strip clubs and adult entertainment. Again, our constitution at work. The First Amendment doesn’t allow limits on free speech so it doesn’t allow control of such activities.  Our courts have determined that cities may prevent them because of their “secondary” effects on the community. The same can be said for preventing Chick-fil-A restaurants because of their effects on the community by inspiring lack of logical thought on its citizens and therefore a bad influence on our children.

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