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How To Fix The Shuttle

Here we go again. NASA hasn’t launched the shuttle for quite a while because the foam comes off the fuel tanks and breaks the tiles. And of course, yesterday, the foam was ready to fall off before launch and did come off in flight. So why the delay if they weren’t going to fix anything?
The solution is so simple. Duct Tape. For about $20 you could wrap the whole tank with duct tape and the problem would be solved. Just Ask Red Green or the American Duck Tape Council of Prairie Home Companion fame.

How many ID’s Does It Take?

We finally started the process to get our Passports. I hated to have to finally get one. I really haven’t wanted to go anywhere except Canada for our travels and now if we go there, we need the passport to get back in the US. Too bad things are always getting more complicated.
Unfortunately, once we have the passport, there will be less reason not to use it.
I still wonder why it is trusted more than a drivers license. Doesn’t seem even as sophisticated. Seems quite obsolete considering the advent of the computer. Should be just a credit card like thing that could be scanned with immediate connection to a nice database to confirm things like wants and warrants, confirm biometric information like finger print of iris scan. Also, why can’t it also be used as the driver license, credit card, etc, etc, all in one. I hate the bulge in the wallet. This would seem to also be of benefit in bring a complete stop to identity theft.
With all the money wasted on “homeland Security” since 9/11, there’s no reason why something like this couldn’t have been done and only a very small fraction of some of the ridiculous things the money has actually been spent on.
I don’t fly anymore. I thought the whole idea of flying was to save time. Now, that doesn’t seem to be at all true. Any trip of less than 500 miles can probably be made faster by surface modes of transportation. It seems like a good ID card and a little connectivity would be a lot of help there.
I wonder if we will ever do anything right?