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Congratulations President Elect Obama!

Maybe there is hope for this country! I think the majority of the voters finally believe as I have for eight years, that we need a new direction for this country. A positive direction with hope of a more peaceful world, civilized leadership and considered judgment.

I was so glad to see the old John McCain return. He’s been gone for so long now. His campaign was almost 100% negative which has worked well for too long for the Republican party. He was supposed to be a maverick but detoured into the extreme right wing during his campaign. His concession speech was gracious, unifying, and timely. His speech occurred moments after the polls in California closed when the results were obvious. It would be wonderful if he is really back on the right track and he and Obama can both show the world a unified USA.
I now have to hope that the current president, that will remain in office for another  2 1/2 months, doesn’t burn the white house and or the country as he leaves.

I’m confident that Barak Obama will hit the ground running and get the country back in proper order rather quickly!

Previously, I estimated how the election would go.  I think, at least part of that estimate has been proven true, that Barak Obama would win with about a 5% lead. We will never know if the other estimate would have been true, that if Hillary Clinton had been the candidate, she would have done better possibly sweeping about half the states that did vote red with a 10% lead and even more differential of the electoral vote. I think it also demonstrated the 5% difference in how people say they voted and the voting result which, I believe, shows the Republicans still control a 5% adjustment in the actial vote.

News Services Should Investigate and Analyze

If you’ve read anything on this website you probably realize I don’t think much of the press, as it exists. The primary reasons are these:

  1. Most have no resemblance to a journalist media.
  2. Some go far beyond not providing competent news and provide disinformation instead, such as Fox news.
  3. Most do not do any investigation. They just parrot what news releases have been provided or what some politician says without proofing it.

During the time approaching an election, a competent news service would listen to a politician speak. then if they don’t understand fully where the politician stands an the issues, ask questions. If the politician ducks answering the question, ask it again. Insist on an answer. If no answer is provided, make that a part of any article written.
When preparing the news report, investigate what was said and report on any discrepancies, exaggerations or lies.
Our lives as citizens are hard enough trying to make important decisions without only being supplied with inaccurate incomplete information about the issues and candidates from both candidates and the news services.
Part of the problem is there are fewer services, only one wire service now and the networks have cut their staff to almost nothing.
It seems like all the important news is now coming form the blogs, not traditional media. That’s good and bad. There is a lot of trash on the Internet. Some readers may think this blog adds to it. That’s the bad. The good is that at least, good information is available. It usually doesn’t take too much reading to realize what is probably accurate and what is trash.
What’s bad about this is that it would be much easier for everyone if we had real journalism with the appropriate standards of journalism like we’ve enjoyed in the past.
Something needs to be done to correct this.

Lipstick On A Pig

The Wrong Wing is still at it but seems to be escalating their drivel.  They are all upset because Senator Obama mentioned the effect of their actions was like “trying to put lipstick on a pig.” It’s more than clear that they are trying to make a mountain out of an ant hill. First, Senator McCain used the same words a year ago describing Clinton’s National Heath Care Plan. Why is it now inappropriate. It is actually a VERY accurate decription of the Republican’s actions.
McCain and Palin have always FULLY supported President Bush and the Republican scamming until their convention and then the only thing that has changed is they have stolen the words that the democrats have been using but still Fuly supporting all the same actions and ideas of the old republican party.
What’s changed. NOTHING! Just listen to what they say and then remember that much of it the democrats have ALWAYS been saying but not saying it with a wink and a loophole.
Forget what McCain says.
He is for big oil
He is for War.
He is against health care for everyone.
He does support radical religious orgsnizations.
He does lie, lie, lie.

Is This Another Cover Up, Or Two?


John McCain never fails to utilize his military experience as a qualification for his being prepared for the Presidency. He further uses the fact that he was a prisoner of war as an indicator of his character and a qualification for the Presidency. Neither has any relationship.
However, because he relies on them as a credential for qualification, they are both exposed to review and criticism. One problem with that review is that McCain’s military records have not been released for review. We get the story but no facts.

There are stories flying around the Internet about McCain’s graduating at the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy and of his recklessness as a pilot. He was the pilot of 5 (or6) plane losses or possibly even more if, as asserted by some, that he was responsible for the carrier Forestall’s disaster. A review of his military records could help to put such stories to rest or to confirm them. Unfortunately, the records are not available and even if they were, they might still not reflect the “whole” truth because evidently, just like his mentor, President Bush, his father, an admiral and his commander in the Navy, may have influenced the documentation.

His being a Prisoner Of War during the Vietnam War shouldn’t be questioned but again, that is not a qualification. However, reviewing his version of the story and the facts is appropriate. It appears he has at least polished the story. There were more than 600 POW’s and many were captive much longer than McCain. John McCain was injured in the crash of that plane and taken prisoner. He was injured in the crash breaking both arms and a leg and reportedly tortured when taken prisoner. Just how he was treated after it was learned he was the commanding Admiral’s son is in question. Some reports indicate his treatment improved because of that. In either case everyone’s treatment improved after about 1969 three years before his release.

We are always hearing that John McCain was seriously injured during captivity and now can’t raise either arm. That probably isn’t completely true either because after his repatriation he returned to flight status as a pilot. During that time he may or may not have crashed his 6th plane. In either case, because he was on flight status as a pilot his promotional opportunities remained and he became a Captain in the Navy and a base commander passing by the usual squadron commander experience.

What parts of the above are true or false can possibly be confirmed by providing access to his military records and being sure there are no missing records like there were for President Bush. Or is he exactly like Bush? Lying about his experience, military record, and a hothead that will take the country to unnecessary wars and expanding the loss of citizen rights? I’m not impressed with his record unless it is true and then it still doesn’t make him the best choice, or even a good choice, for president. It does indicate he served his country well, in the past, but says nothing about the future.


And then there is his choice for Vice President Sarah Palin. McCain and his folks quite evidently didn’t vet her at all or they are demonstrating the potential incompetence that a McCain presidency will bring, much like our current president has. She was quite obviously chosen mostly because she was a young women. It certainly wasn’t her experience. She, in three days has brought along numerous potential scandals which the McCain Group doesn’t want people to look into because it’s not appropriate. Not appropriate to check on the facts?

  1. She evidently fired a police commissioner because he had the audacity not to fire the estranged husband of her sister, a state trooper. There is an ethics investigation into that charge.
  2. Her daughter is unmarried and pregnant and her child’s supposed father is not interested in having children but is going to marry her, at 17 years of age.
  3. Sarah Palin’s youngest child is more likely the same daughter’s first child, born just five months ago. There is a problem with a picture of the pregnant looking daughter and the not pregnant looking Sarah and the unbelievable labor and delivery of the child and the fact the daughter was out of school for the last five months before delivery due to mono. It must have been a very serious case of mono and was more obviously very convenient. If the daughter has a miscarriage of the present pregnancy before a delivery then there is no question whose baby the previous child is. If not she may still just be very promiscuous.
  4. Palin is evidenly a book burner. She threatened to fire a librarian in the city where she was mayor for her failure to get rid of some books Palin didn’t like.
  5. And finally, so far, there is the fact she supports the secession of Alaska from the United States. I’m not sure that is necessarily a bad thing but she is trying to deny it while still supporting it as recently as a year ago. If Alaska gets to, perhaps we in California can as well.

The real problem with all of these is a thing called honesty. Did she hide facts during the vetting, or not. It all boils down to total hypocrisy on the part of McCain, Palin and their supporters.

The same can not be said about Barack Obama nor Joe Biden. They are not hiding information but they still have the Republican dis-information machine spewing its venom. Facts are or would be nice, stories are not.


What if Al Gore’s election to the presidency in 2000 hadn’t been stolen? What if we hadn’t had to suffer through the worst presidency in history and the worst strain on our democracy?

We wouldn’t have suffered through these past seven years of recession. The economy would still be booming. The president’s people keep telling us that all is going well but the real facts say otherwise. Ask your neighbor how he likes working at McDonald’s now and his other job, and his wife having to work rather than the well paying manufacturing job he had previously.

We would not be as dependent on foreign oil and would be moving away form oil use for energy entirely.

We wouldn’t have started another world war just to save the world for our religion.

We wouldn’t have alienated our friends and inflamed our enemies making the world and ourselves more at risk for terrorist attacks.

The twin World Trade Center Towers would still be standing. This is the Wag The Dog thing. I believe Bush either directly plotted or enabled the execution of the “attack” to allow him to pursue his war of salvation..

Workers would be reaping more of the rewards of their labors instead of seeing it stolen by conglomerates.

We wouldn’t have had the savings and loan fiasco,

We’d have a realistic energy policy and California wouldn’t have had 6 billion dollars stolen from it by Enron. Along with this, California wouldn’t have then lost a good governor and gained a lousy one who still can’t pronounce California.

We’d still have local newspapers and TV stations rather that just a few intentional corporations.

We’d still have some undisturbed parks and forests that, if used for necessary mineral production, would have netted the nation appropriate financial rewards rather the less than administration costs.

We’d have students that could read, write, speak, and calculate better than the rest of the world rather than almost the most ignorant student body.

Imagine. I try to, but it makes me sad to think what could have been and what will take decades to achieve now, If at all possible.

Who Should Be The Next President

What an interesting campaign. The Democrats have possibly the best list of potential presidents ever. Any one of the major Democratic candidates would make a great president. While my favorite is Edwards, he has little chance of winning. Of the two leading candidates, Clinton and Obama, either could easily win but Clinton has the stronger experience and she also has the most capable adviser, her husband. In addition both Clinton and Obama represent minorities. or at least political minorities. Obama is black. Hillary is a woman.

I believe the larger minority, which is actually a super majority is the best way to go. Women make up more than 50% of the voters and even 18% of Republican women say they would vote for her. That bodes well for her candidacy but, unfortunately, some men, even democrats wouldn’t vote for her. Unfortunately, I don’t think Obama is as well served by his minority status as he is by his capabilities and charisma. There are sill far too many people in this country that are racist and that bias will override their political motivations. That’s too bad!

For these reasons I support Hillary as my preferred candidate. She can win and, in my opinion, a woman is probably what it will take to restore this country to what it was, before this most recent disastrous president, and also move the country forward to what it can and should be.

And now a quick analysis of the republican candidates. Are you kidding. What candidates? Bigots, criminals, and liars.

We Need Foreign Election Monitors

The United States usually tries to send election monitors to foreign countries when conditions, better than exist here in these United States, exist. We want to assure a fair and impartial election. Why can’t we have some monitors here to identify the shenanigans. Maybe we could then have a fair and impartial election here.

More about Election Fraud

I read other Blogs and one of my favorite is one done by Maria Langer. I stimbled across it and find the articles very interesting. She is a professional writer, mostly computer how to books for Apple computer software. I’m not too interested in that content since I’m a PC user. I find the web publishing information interesting, the fact she is a professional helicopter pilot interesting, and mostly I find myself in agreement with many of her politic views.
She recently posted a link to an article in Rolling Stone written by Robert F Kennedy Jr about the fraud in the presidential election of 2004, “Was the 2004 Election Stolen?”. It is a very well written article with good associated documentation. I find it amazing that this isn’t reported in the news, but, as Kennedy points out, the press actually contributed to the fraud.
It’s nice to have a blog where they do a good collection of topics of interest.

Does Your Vote Count?

Here we go for a third election here in Santa Clara County using electronic voting. We still do not have a paper trail (as in “capable of being audited”) to allow for a true recount. Why is this? Why would the people in charge of elections chose a system that doesn’t provide it. ITS CRIMINAL in my opinion! These same machines are used all over the country.
When Mr Bush was “re-elected” last year, why is it that, evidently, the exit pole numbers differed from the election results by approximately 5% only where there was electronic voting without a paper trail? There were reports of machines having vote counts in them before the polls opened. Again in today’s election, when our governator, Mr Schwarzenegger, tried to cast his vote he was told he had already voted. Supposedly his name was used to “test” the system? If thats so, why did the data still exist when it should have been cleared before the election? How many other votes pre-existed? Did his previous vote get removed?
This worries me greatly. This used to be a democratic government. If the votes don’t really count then democracy doesn’t exist. What really amazes me is that we have more security in our state lottery results that we do with our voting system.
It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes.

***** A Better IDEA *****

Here is what I think would make for an honest election that every voter could have confidence in. First, let me say, I’m a believer in electronic voting, I just think the system has to be designed properly. The current systems are not.
The key is for a voter to be able to verify that their vote exists in the data and that the choices are the ones they made. Further, the public should be able to see all the votes, download the data and perform their own counts if they desire.
This can be accomplished quite easily while still providing anonymous voting. It would allow for a means for any citizen to challenge the vote results, with proof.
Obviously, the key is a trail. When you vote, you get a printed ticket with a vote ID number and the vote choices. There would not be a relation between the voter and the vote ID just a ticket with the votes and an ID number. The voter, or anyone else, would immediately be able to check the votes via the Internet by browsing to a page showing a group of vote ID numbers and the votes each recorded. In fact, all vote data could be seen and downloaded for analysis. The key to anonymity is that no one could identify who voted, only the votes that were cast. That is, except for the fact that a voter could confirm their own vote using the ID number on their ticket. No one could monitor who browsed where and use it to identify how they voted because the data would only be presented in groups of votes. Only the voter would now which was their vote. The voter could then confirm that the choices were their own choices. If not, then hang the Chief of Elections and hold another election. Another key to this is that voters take the responsibility to check their vote results to confirm their vote was actually counted. Any voter could download the data and make their own count and check the results against the reported results.
This would not limit who manufactures the voting machines, they should all be designed to the same standard. The data is what is important. Even more importantly, the validity and honesty of the results is what is important.
There are probably other methods that would work as effectively but can anyone explain to me why we ended up with the systems we have. They are so obviously weak in providing any of the capabilities needed to insure an honest election, which I would have thought was the entire purpose.

What Happened To Debates?

What ever happened to debates? A good debate can really help in seeing something more clearly. In days of old, politicians debated and the voters were able to understand the thinking of the polititions better. Now days, we get sound bites and advertisements neither of which do anything to enlighten the listener. The former is the result of lazy news people, the later an attempt by the advertiser to confuse the voter. Neither is a good thing.
This came to mind yesterday while watching a program on NBC from Los Angeles where the Governator of California responded to questions from the news people and audience during the first half hour of the show. Then, in the second half hour, the opposition to the Governator did the same. Why not a debate Mr Governator, unless you don’t really understand your proposals well enough to debate them?