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Aren’t We Lucky

I’m so glad that it’s election time! Since there is absolutely no other reason for the recent drop of gas prices. Summer use didn’t raise them, the problems with Venezuela hasn’t. Same with Iran. It’s amazing how generous the Republicans (aka Big Business) can be. Of course, we really shouldn’t forget how we’ve been screwed for the non election periods. Unfortunately, people are so forgetful.

Thanks Dixie Chicks!

I was proud of the Dixie Chicks a few years ago when they had the courage to say “Just so you know, we’re ashamed President Bush is from Texas” or something like that. Any way, for some silly reason they said they were sorry for having made the statement?
Well, recently, Natalie, lead Dixie Chick, clarified her statement saying her statement was correct even though she apologized. Evidently their career was affected because of the statement. Isn’t that un-constitutional? When someone expresses their opinion about what their government should be doing, that’s a good thing. More people should, express their opinion, not propaganda recited from some right wing idiot who happens to have a radio or TV show. That is democracy at work. Haven’t seen too much of that recently.
So thanks Dixie Chicks!

CBS, real news

A few years ago, I started watching CBS news because I was disgusted with the other “news” services. This was around the time of the inquisition of US Representative Gary Condit, accused of the murder of one of his interns by most of the rest of the news services. All except CBS evening news. It seems Dan Rather took the high road and wanted to see some reason to accuse him or not include it in the news. He was the only true journalist of the time that I saw and for that reason, I switched to CBS news. Needless to say, I was disappointed when, due the shenaigans of the Republicans in providing falsified but creditable documents to CBS news about Bush’s lack of military service, Rather ended up “retiring”. It was nice to see Bob Schieffer move in as interim anchor. Another good news man but only interim? Now Katie Couric will be anchor. Are they kidding? Not the same caliber. Hopefully she does continue the standard of reliable journalistic news, not entertainment news.
I visited Texas for a while recently and I confirmed that not all Texans are Bush like. Too many but not all. Dan Rather and Bob Schieffer are from Texas as well as the Dixie Chicks. Maybe there is hope.
When you watch or listen to “news”. Think about whether they are being true journalists or is the report being sensational and incomplete. Without reliable journalism, there isn’t much hope for exposing the truth about anything. Only the business interests will be served. Only profit, profit, profit. No truth, truth, truth.
I think the root cause of the disintegration of reliable news is the consolidation of many independent services into large corporate services. They provide the corporate messages not news.

Politics As Usual

I’ve tried to keep politics out of my travel blog. I now think that’s been a big mistake. Too many people must be doing the same or we wouldn’t have a “president” like Bush. So, I created this blog for my thoughts. Not all entries are anti Bush, but there will be a lot. This is the first entry.
Why protect a corrupt government by listening to its hype. The incompetent and co-conspiring press that has ignored important stories, failed to do its own investigation, failed to hold government accountable and has become too “embedded” with this countries greatest enemy, our own politicians. It is time to kick the money grubbers out of government and into prison in many cases. Government should serve the “people” not the contributors.
Is the direction of this entry clear yet?
I’m quite upset about governmental response to the recent weather event in New Orleans. We’ve had more than 3.5 years to prepare for “events” like 9/11 and any other type of disruption. Most of the budget has been spent in preparation, almost everything that hasn’t been flushed into Iraq. Government agencies have been restructured to help in this effort. Most such events will not come with multi-days to respond like the approach of a hurricane. If this is how we respond with such extended warning, how will we fare for an “unscheduled” event? The response is extremely embarrassing. Mr. Bush demonstrated his great concern by flying out of town as fast as he could and not returning for days. He did get back before the first federal response was apparent three and a half days later?
While the press fails to adequately investigate and report the failings of the administration, they are more efficient than the administration. Reporters had no problem being on the scene the next morning. Perhaps government needs to be run by reporters rather than politicians? I know there’s a slight conflict in this thinking but how could they do worse?
I’m from Northern California so my politics may not be too surprising. I am grossly anti-Republican, because they seem to be totally against the ideals for which this country was founded. The Republican politicians seem to be very adept at saying one thing and doing the opposite. They are very good salesmen. If you are a non-politician Republican, this doesn’t mean I hate you, only that I think you are misinformed and blinded by the hype. You don’t have to dig deep to find the difference in what is said and what “is”. (Isn’t it odd that many Republicans found Bill Clintons statement that “it depends on what the definition ‘is’ is” to be a problem in his character?). Our current administration plays with what “is” more than any administration before it and the press doesn’t even question them. The current administration appears to not even care what “is”. What they say has no relationship to what “is”. Clinton, on the other hand, knew the definition and could even spell “is
There is lots more to say but I think I’ll stop here for now. But I must ask you to “question authority” it isn’t un-American, it is the responsibility of all citizens! Defend your rights against those who say “trust me.”

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