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What Part of Inept….

If it didn’t affect people so much it might be funny. The inept Bush administration has added another feather in their bonnet, the failure of our countries financial system. This is the result of lax regulation quite often counter to the law not just because of deregulation. This can be added to the failure of our police action in Iraq where we never should have gone in the sake of anti terrorism. Our military is near collapse due to overuse. The rights of citizens went away due to abuse of the administration.

Aren’t we fortunate that by some miracle, congress didn’t go along with the privatization of Social Security as Bush so much wanted for his cronies. If they had, this current financial problem wouldn’t seem like such a big deal at all. Of course, they only want an unrestricted check for 700 billion dollars this time, again for the cronies, not the people. Kind of makes the savings and loan failure, and the Enron collapse seem kind of insignificant doesn’t it.

A pretty good record for Bush. Failure, failure failure. Try hard to think of something he’s accomplished of benefit to the country. Try again, there must be something. How could anyone get everything wrong.

Don’t let McCain distract you either, his actions are at the root of this failure. He’s definitely not a potential savior.

I have always believed that the economy was going down toward a day of reckoning.  Mr Bush tried to liven up the economy by allowing the loan requirements to be adjusted to allow sales of homes to expand and imply a growing economy. We have been in recession for his whole term and now it may be impossible to stop. Good job George.

We’re all in for a tough time. The next president will have a lot to do and getting us out of this hole is going to be difficult. If, by some disaster, McCain is elected, the following president will have even a deeper whole, if that’s possible, to dig us out of.

I’m a retired person but so far don’t have to worry about these financial losses, if the fall can be stopped. If we continue to fall I guess I’ll be looking for work with everyone else. These past four years of retirement have been fun, I’d hate to see them end. My belief that this was going to occur is a primary reason for my early retirement.

VOTE OBAMA PLEASE! If not for your own sake, for mine!

News Services Should Investigate and Analyze

If you’ve read anything on this website you probably realize I don’t think much of the press, as it exists. The primary reasons are these:

  1. Most have no resemblance to a journalist media.
  2. Some go far beyond not providing competent news and provide disinformation instead, such as Fox news.
  3. Most do not do any investigation. They just parrot what news releases have been provided or what some politician says without proofing it.

During the time approaching an election, a competent news service would listen to a politician speak. then if they don’t understand fully where the politician stands an the issues, ask questions. If the politician ducks answering the question, ask it again. Insist on an answer. If no answer is provided, make that a part of any article written.
When preparing the news report, investigate what was said and report on any discrepancies, exaggerations or lies.
Our lives as citizens are hard enough trying to make important decisions without only being supplied with inaccurate incomplete information about the issues and candidates from both candidates and the news services.
Part of the problem is there are fewer services, only one wire service now and the networks have cut their staff to almost nothing.
It seems like all the important news is now coming form the blogs, not traditional media. That’s good and bad. There is a lot of trash on the Internet. Some readers may think this blog adds to it. That’s the bad. The good is that at least, good information is available. It usually doesn’t take too much reading to realize what is probably accurate and what is trash.
What’s bad about this is that it would be much easier for everyone if we had real journalism with the appropriate standards of journalism like we’ve enjoyed in the past.
Something needs to be done to correct this.

Lipstick On A Pig

The Wrong Wing is still at it but seems to be escalating their drivel.  They are all upset because Senator Obama mentioned the effect of their actions was like “trying to put lipstick on a pig.” It’s more than clear that they are trying to make a mountain out of an ant hill. First, Senator McCain used the same words a year ago describing Clinton’s National Heath Care Plan. Why is it now inappropriate. It is actually a VERY accurate decription of the Republican’s actions.
McCain and Palin have always FULLY supported President Bush and the Republican scamming until their convention and then the only thing that has changed is they have stolen the words that the democrats have been using but still Fuly supporting all the same actions and ideas of the old republican party.
What’s changed. NOTHING! Just listen to what they say and then remember that much of it the democrats have ALWAYS been saying but not saying it with a wink and a loophole.
Forget what McCain says.
He is for big oil
He is for War.
He is against health care for everyone.
He does support radical religious orgsnizations.
He does lie, lie, lie.

Is This Another Cover Up, Or Two?


John McCain never fails to utilize his military experience as a qualification for his being prepared for the Presidency. He further uses the fact that he was a prisoner of war as an indicator of his character and a qualification for the Presidency. Neither has any relationship.
However, because he relies on them as a credential for qualification, they are both exposed to review and criticism. One problem with that review is that McCain’s military records have not been released for review. We get the story but no facts.

There are stories flying around the Internet about McCain’s graduating at the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy and of his recklessness as a pilot. He was the pilot of 5 (or6) plane losses or possibly even more if, as asserted by some, that he was responsible for the carrier Forestall’s disaster. A review of his military records could help to put such stories to rest or to confirm them. Unfortunately, the records are not available and even if they were, they might still not reflect the “whole” truth because evidently, just like his mentor, President Bush, his father, an admiral and his commander in the Navy, may have influenced the documentation.

His being a Prisoner Of War during the Vietnam War shouldn’t be questioned but again, that is not a qualification. However, reviewing his version of the story and the facts is appropriate. It appears he has at least polished the story. There were more than 600 POW’s and many were captive much longer than McCain. John McCain was injured in the crash of that plane and taken prisoner. He was injured in the crash breaking both arms and a leg and reportedly tortured when taken prisoner. Just how he was treated after it was learned he was the commanding Admiral’s son is in question. Some reports indicate his treatment improved because of that. In either case everyone’s treatment improved after about 1969 three years before his release.

We are always hearing that John McCain was seriously injured during captivity and now can’t raise either arm. That probably isn’t completely true either because after his repatriation he returned to flight status as a pilot. During that time he may or may not have crashed his 6th plane. In either case, because he was on flight status as a pilot his promotional opportunities remained and he became a Captain in the Navy and a base commander passing by the usual squadron commander experience.

What parts of the above are true or false can possibly be confirmed by providing access to his military records and being sure there are no missing records like there were for President Bush. Or is he exactly like Bush? Lying about his experience, military record, and a hothead that will take the country to unnecessary wars and expanding the loss of citizen rights? I’m not impressed with his record unless it is true and then it still doesn’t make him the best choice, or even a good choice, for president. It does indicate he served his country well, in the past, but says nothing about the future.


And then there is his choice for Vice President Sarah Palin. McCain and his folks quite evidently didn’t vet her at all or they are demonstrating the potential incompetence that a McCain presidency will bring, much like our current president has. She was quite obviously chosen mostly because she was a young women. It certainly wasn’t her experience. She, in three days has brought along numerous potential scandals which the McCain Group doesn’t want people to look into because it’s not appropriate. Not appropriate to check on the facts?

  1. She evidently fired a police commissioner because he had the audacity not to fire the estranged husband of her sister, a state trooper. There is an ethics investigation into that charge.
  2. Her daughter is unmarried and pregnant and her child’s supposed father is not interested in having children but is going to marry her, at 17 years of age.
  3. Sarah Palin’s youngest child is more likely the same daughter’s first child, born just five months ago. There is a problem with a picture of the pregnant looking daughter and the not pregnant looking Sarah and the unbelievable labor and delivery of the child and the fact the daughter was out of school for the last five months before delivery due to mono. It must have been a very serious case of mono and was more obviously very convenient. If the daughter has a miscarriage of the present pregnancy before a delivery then there is no question whose baby the previous child is. If not she may still just be very promiscuous.
  4. Palin is evidenly a book burner. She threatened to fire a librarian in the city where she was mayor for her failure to get rid of some books Palin didn’t like.
  5. And finally, so far, there is the fact she supports the secession of Alaska from the United States. I’m not sure that is necessarily a bad thing but she is trying to deny it while still supporting it as recently as a year ago. If Alaska gets to, perhaps we in California can as well.

The real problem with all of these is a thing called honesty. Did she hide facts during the vetting, or not. It all boils down to total hypocrisy on the part of McCain, Palin and their supporters.

The same can not be said about Barack Obama nor Joe Biden. They are not hiding information but they still have the Republican dis-information machine spewing its venom. Facts are or would be nice, stories are not.


What if Al Gore’s election to the presidency in 2000 hadn’t been stolen? What if we hadn’t had to suffer through the worst presidency in history and the worst strain on our democracy?

We wouldn’t have suffered through these past seven years of recession. The economy would still be booming. The president’s people keep telling us that all is going well but the real facts say otherwise. Ask your neighbor how he likes working at McDonald’s now and his other job, and his wife having to work rather than the well paying manufacturing job he had previously.

We would not be as dependent on foreign oil and would be moving away form oil use for energy entirely.

We wouldn’t have started another world war just to save the world for our religion.

We wouldn’t have alienated our friends and inflamed our enemies making the world and ourselves more at risk for terrorist attacks.

The twin World Trade Center Towers would still be standing. This is the Wag The Dog thing. I believe Bush either directly plotted or enabled the execution of the “attack” to allow him to pursue his war of salvation..

Workers would be reaping more of the rewards of their labors instead of seeing it stolen by conglomerates.

We wouldn’t have had the savings and loan fiasco,

We’d have a realistic energy policy and California wouldn’t have had 6 billion dollars stolen from it by Enron. Along with this, California wouldn’t have then lost a good governor and gained a lousy one who still can’t pronounce California.

We’d still have local newspapers and TV stations rather that just a few intentional corporations.

We’d still have some undisturbed parks and forests that, if used for necessary mineral production, would have netted the nation appropriate financial rewards rather the less than administration costs.

We’d have students that could read, write, speak, and calculate better than the rest of the world rather than almost the most ignorant student body.

Imagine. I try to, but it makes me sad to think what could have been and what will take decades to achieve now, If at all possible.

Who Should Be The Next President

What an interesting campaign. The Democrats have possibly the best list of potential presidents ever. Any one of the major Democratic candidates would make a great president. While my favorite is Edwards, he has little chance of winning. Of the two leading candidates, Clinton and Obama, either could easily win but Clinton has the stronger experience and she also has the most capable adviser, her husband. In addition both Clinton and Obama represent minorities. or at least political minorities. Obama is black. Hillary is a woman.

I believe the larger minority, which is actually a super majority is the best way to go. Women make up more than 50% of the voters and even 18% of Republican women say they would vote for her. That bodes well for her candidacy but, unfortunately, some men, even democrats wouldn’t vote for her. Unfortunately, I don’t think Obama is as well served by his minority status as he is by his capabilities and charisma. There are sill far too many people in this country that are racist and that bias will override their political motivations. That’s too bad!

For these reasons I support Hillary as my preferred candidate. She can win and, in my opinion, a woman is probably what it will take to restore this country to what it was, before this most recent disastrous president, and also move the country forward to what it can and should be.

And now a quick analysis of the republican candidates. Are you kidding. What candidates? Bigots, criminals, and liars.

Eliminate The Parties

Our two party system needs to be changed. The parties are not official but sure do foul up the governmental process. The Congress and the Senate both are pretty much in a stalemate even though there is a Democratic majority. Nothing gets done because of Republican obstructonism that seems to be part of their platform. The same thing did not happen when the reverse was true and the Democrats were the slim minority. That actually shows where the interests of the Republican party lie, not with the best interests of the country nor in democracy.

There are four reasons that the stale mate exists. The Democrats are not willing to push the Republicans when the President vetos a bill by re-submitting the same bill back to the President without change and place the entire blame for a stoppage of governmental inaction on the President. It would only need to occur once and the President wouldn’t be so cavalier with his veto, acting like a two year old when he doesn’t get his way.

Along that line, in order to restore democracy, where the majority makes policy, eliminate the need for a super majority and allow a simple majority of the houses to decide all matters.

Require these highly paid politicians to attend sessions and listen to and participate in the debate or forfeit the right to vote.

And finally, and possibly even more importantly, eliminate the division of the seating into party hemispheres. Mix them all up so they have to sit together and they may even start talking to each other.

Any one of these ideas could cause a significant change in how much gets accomplished by our government. Of course, anything is greater than nothing!

Legislative Power

Our constitution provides for separation of power, Legislative, Administrative, and Judicial. Currently, only one seems to be effective, usurping the power of the other two. It’s about time congress started to do its job and legislate.

First, I think they should start impeachment proceedings. I believe there are enough disheartened Republicans to bring about a successful conclusion but, even if unsuccessful, it would wash the laundry and expose the administration for what it is.

That not being likely, how about a few other ideas. Take action and withdraw funding for the war in Iraq. The Democratic congress, if they approve funding for the “war”, will then have to then accept blame along with the president and former Republican congress. If they specify what the money is to be spent for, and not spent for, if Mr Bush continues his folly, then there is all the more reason for impeachment and then, and only then, can those legislators really say they did their job rather than the current words only and no action.

Congress needs to clarify to the president, through legislation, that they never gave him permission to go to Iraq and he better get out ASAP. Now that a woman is the house leader, possibly she will show that she has balls. The former congress sure didn’t have any.

One piece of legislation that would bring an immediate end to our occupation in Iraq would be to require the president to reside in Iraq as long as we have troops there. Bush never served before and though possibly an over assumption, may be smart enough to realize he would not make it through the week there alive, somewhat like all the military people he sent there feel.

While Mr Bush would likely ignore such legislation, if he did, an active congress would be able to impeach him before the sun went down.

I do not believe that impeachment of this president would be disruptive to this country, rather it could restore confidence in this country.

A final unrelated thought. Mr Bush, after his presidency has expired, if he actually leaves office, will find it very difficult to ever leave this country because he will very likely be arrested and brought to trial for war crimes by any of the more civilized countries of this world.


What’s all this talk, now, by Republicans about bipartisanism? They not only never mentioned it during their majority period, they specifically said they had a mandate not to be bipartisan. OK, now the Democrats have the mandate, so use it. Get ready for the ride.

The people want out of Iraq, not to expand our depth in the quagmire. If the Democrats  are to be true leaders and use their mandate they won’t follow Mr Bush further into Iraq. If Bush does his “surge” into Iraq, against the recommendations of his own generals and the Iraq Commission their funds should be cut off and if Mr Bush ignores the legislature, then there are even more grounds for his impeachment.

How much is enough?

The Real Pledge

The Original pledge:

“I pledge allegiance to my flag and the republic for which it stands, one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Note the missing “under god” and “of the United States of America” The “under god” was added to the pledge in 1954. In 1955, “In God We Trust” was added to our paper money. And in 1956 the country’s motto was changed from “E Pluribus Unum” (“Out of many, One”) to “In God We Trust.” All this is part of the red scare period which also brought us McCarthy-ism.

Our founding fathers were wise enough to specifically not include similar wording. Loss of freedom was brought about by scare tactics and manipulation. Doesn’t this sound similar to the way over response to the 9/11 incident? It really scares me.

Thanks to Maria Langar’s blog for pointing out this article.

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