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Simplify Jury Duty

I was watching the California Supreme Court in action. I think the process they use for appeals could be put to good use in criminal and civil trials. One of the things that makes me dislike our legal system is that jurors receive a sentence in excess of the defendants if convicted. The long trials and potential of sequestering for extended periods is an undue impact on jurors. Why can’t the presentation of facts and arguments to a jury be presented in the same fashion as to an appeals court. Have the prosecution and defense prepare their presentation to the jury with all the time consuming other court activity, or inactivity, that the jurors are supposed to “disregard” anyway, handled at the leisure of the court but not the jurors. Let the jurors just consider the facts. Then serving on a jury wouldn’t be such an impact to the lives of average people.

Gay Marriage

I think that, as relates to law, people should be able to marry whomever they want to. Unfortunately, the bigoted religious sort do not. The real problem here is again the convoluted nature of combining religion and law.
The solution is simple. Separate all legal rights from marriage. Let the religious folk copyright the use of the word “marriage”. Let gay folk copyright another word like “union”. Each only describes a form of couples joining into a common life together.
As to legal rights. each gets identical rights that they must enter into separately like any other legal partnership.
To be nice and simplify the conversion, grandfather all marriages into legal partnerships as well.
Why should anyone object to this as a solution, unless they are just bigots.


You’ve arrived at the complete list of my thoughts. Sad isn’t it!
I just started this list, hopefully I’ll have more thoughts in the future?

Is It Just Me?

Speed Signs
When you’re traveling the lesser highways (not freeways) and either approaching or leaving a town, why does the traffic engineer post multiple signs such as reduce speed ahead, 55 mph, 45 mph, 35 mph, 25 mph all spaced about 500 feet apart? Doesn’t he really want you to reduce your speed from the 65 mph highway speed to the 25 mph speed, wouldn’t three signs do, with a little more space between the last two. (Reduce speed, 25 mph ahead, 25 mph). This would be much more clear. When leaving town the signs are reversed 25 mph, 35 mph, 45 mph, 55 mph, 65 mph. I always miss the last one and am stuck driving a lower speed than possible. I actually try to go the posted speed. With so many signs I become desensitized by the ubiquity of the signs. It’s a good thing they aren’t spending their own money for the unnecessary extra signs.

Free Advertising

As we travel down the road, I’ve noticed many “Adopt A Highway” signs. It is nice when people volunteer their time to do what our taxes used to do. However, there is an unfortunate trend I’ve noticed. It seems that almost everywhere the volunteer is a business or organiztion, that the sign is up but the litter remains. When the volunteer is a family or friends of someone there isn’t much litter. Thanks to those who are helping, shame on those just looking for free advertising on the highway.

Congratulations Google

Good going Google! It’s too rare but Google seems to believe in our constitution. They have refused to provide information about people’s Internet searches, unlike all the other search engine companies like MSN and Yahoo.
Now the fact is I don’t think if the government did have access to this information or other information like who you called or what you bought is all together that bad, However, I think that before the government violates our constitution, again, that there should be some restraints on miss use such as immediate dismissal and felony criminal charges brought against those who mis used the information and those who supported that mis use by negligent supervision or any effort to cover it up or interfere with the investigation into the mis use. The watch dog would need to be independent from the executive branch.

Stupid Drivers

When cruising down the road my thoughts often turn to the stupidity of man, usually, but occasionally women. I’m driving a large vehicle, over 50′ long, probably overloaded, with what is likely a person of inferior driving skills. Why would any sane person cut in front of, barely missing the front of our vehicle, steal our stopping distance, or pull out in front of us?
It seems obvious to me that there are two things needed. First, institute a driver competency test possibly with simulated driving experiences like a video driving game. If you don’t make it to the destination without killing someone, you don’t get the license. Two, try enforcing some laws, write some, a lot of tickets. In fact, try 100% enforcement. If you run a red light, you get a ticket. If you speed, you get a ticket. If you drive like many people I’ve seen recently, you’d get 100′s of tickets a day. With 100% enforcement, you’d get a free ride for a minimum amount of errors based on how serious and how frequent you make the errors. If you drive across town, and run 20 stop signs, you receive tickets for each offense, possibly lower than current costs but definitely progressive for each offense, say 25% more per each offense. Your 20 infractions, with a $20 starting cost would cost you $1388. You won’t do that long without feeling it. If you reach a limit that clearly identifies you as a dangerous driver, like possibly two days of 20 stop signs, you loose the prize, you car, permanently and your license for an extended period, like a year. Again, these would be progressive. The next offense for a longer period and or more than the cost of your car. If you drive without a license, you go to jail for a year, again progressive. The point is, you make it unpleasant to do the wrong thing.
You could do 100% enforcement by instrumenting all vehicles using GPS. The cost per vehicle could be less than $100 factory, more for retrofits especially older vehicles. Tampering with the device looses you your vehicle as well. Test its operation like is done for smog tests and automatically wirelessly as you pass near an officer or roadside device. This would free up the police to do what they should be doing, rather than driver training. It seems like little would change there since they don’t seem to be doing traffic enforcement anyway. One other thing that is needed is to post the real speed that is safe, not the politically correct speed. No 55mph max posted speed if you will allow 75mph. What’s posted is what’s enforced, so make it correct.
As a plus, the instrumented vehicles could provide an additional benefit. Pay for use of the roads. If you commute 200 miles a day, you pay more than if you commute 5 miles. This would lead to sanity in the work/live arrangements, but that’s another thought.

Why Are People Racist?

This is a thought I had in my youth when I was learning about color for stage lighting and television:
Because they are what they hate. Color perception is interesting. When people see white, it is because the object “seen” reflects all light. If they see black it is because no light is reflected. Where does the light go. It’s absorbed. So the object seen as black is actually white and visa versa.

What You Are

You are not what you eat, you are what you don’t poop. (Wavy Gravy)
Reminds that life throws lots of challenges at you. If you accept the good and reject the bad, you are good.? In other words don’t take crap, give it.

Positive ID

Require finger print for all credit card and check purchases.
Require a valid photo to cash a check or make a credit purchase.
Require same for credit application.
For Internet purchases, require user ID. Change Internet to provide positive origination and login

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